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Our boat school


is located in the Marina Cala d'Or, a beautiful seaside resort with excellent restaurants

and a harbor with many yachts in the southeast of Mallorca.


Who wouldn't want to be behind the wheel?

In our sports boat courses we focus on exciting and visual content. Our experienced

DSV sailing instructors bringmany years of practical experience on the water.

At our boating school, learning becomes fun!


With us you can get the official sports boat licenses SBF Inland Motor and SBF Seepurchase - and are therefore up to 3 nautical miles from the coast on inland waters and at seainie on the legally safe side. These recreational boat licenses are Pif you have a sports boat under 20 meterstern and an engine with more than 15 hp. You want more security when dealing with mby boat, with weather and waves? For this we offer you the SKS (Sports Coastal Boating License) under motor. In this course, the knowledge of boat handling, boat technology, weather, navigation and seamanship is theoretically deepened and practically practiced. And then all that's missing is radio (inland and maritime radio licenses) as well as proof of expertise in maritime distress signals in accordance with explosives law ("pyrolicence") and you can do thatI can have fun on the water with the good feeling that I have done a lot to ensure the safety of you and your crew on board.

Recreational boat licenses

and radio licenses

SBF - Motor Binnen

Course duration 2 days 

650 euros

plus examination fee

UBI radio license

Course durationhe 1 day 

390,- EurO

plus examination fee

FKN – course

Course durationhe 5 hours 

190,- EurO

plus examination fee

SBF - Sea Motor

Course durationhe 4 Days 

990 euros

plus examination fee

 Inland & Lake station wagon

Course durationhe 5 Days 

1,250 euros

plus examination fee

SRC - radio license

Course durationhe 2.5 days 

490,- Euro

plus examfee

UBI & SRC station wagon

Course durationhe 3 days 

690,- EurO

plus examination fee


V I P course

 You would like to decide the course date yourself or would you simply like to complete the course in a small group, with a friend or partner. 

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