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FKN - Pyro

Duration: 5 hours + exam - Number of participants: 3 - 8 persons


Certificate of competence (FKN) for distress signalling devices in accordance with the Explosives Act pursuant to Section 1 (2) 1 SprengV: The certificate of competence (so-called "pyro certificate") authorises the purchase and transport of subclass P2 pyrotechnic distress signalling devices requiring a permit (signal rockets, parachute signal rockets, certain smoke signals). 

In order to take part in this course and the examination, you must be in possession of an official recreational craft licence and be at least 16 years old.

Course and prüfung information:

  • Theoretical training – clear and based on the original examination forms

  • Practical handling of distress signals

  • Water and soft drinks included.

ToExamng are required:

  • Passport photo (possible on site)

  • Official recreational boat license

  • Identity card (to be brought with you for the exam)

Course content


  • Explosives law regulations

  • Basic knowledge of firearms law on the topics of expertise, firearms ownership card, small firearms license

  • Marking of weapons


  • Practicing the safe handling of distress signals

  • Handling a parachute flare (red)

  • Handling a smoke torch (orange) or hand torch (red)

  • Handling the smoke signal (orange/can)

  • Handling unfired signals/failures 

Course fee: 190 euros

PExamination fee: approx. 88,- Euro (payment directly to the examination board)

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